This website is dedicated to dogs and all things about them such as dog health, dog training, and dog grooming. Choose a dog that’s right for you and you will get a loyal companion even if you don’t know much about dogs. Choose a dog of a wrong breed and your life may turn into a disaster.

Whether you are thinking about getting a little puppy, adopting an adult dog, training the dog that you currently have or are looking for new cool things to do with your dog, you’ll find something interesting and relevant on this website.

The dog is one of the animals that has had an extremely lengthy relationship with humans. People first started domesticating wolves around 15,000 years ago. Domesticated wolves played a very important role. They protected human settlements and kept them free of rodents. They helped people hunt. They herded cows and sheep that belonged to people, pulled sleds and even accompanied migrations of people across continents. Thousands of years of breeding resulted in dogs having very different bodies, needs, capabilities, and personalities.

Today most people get a dog because they want a companion. This is very different from what dogs think their role is. This discrepancy is a source of a lot of frustrations for a lot of people who do not understand their animals.

The goal of this website is to change this and explain to you how things look from the point of view of a dog, which should lead you to a number of profound insights and realizations.

This website doesn’t assume any knowledge about dogs on your part. Whatever subjects it covers, it covers them fully and does so in a straightforward and practical way.