Before You Choose a Dog

You may be thinking that once you’ve decided to get a dog, you are done with the biggest decision. In reality, you are just getting started with decisions just like you would when you start to play a game from Should you choose a small dog or a big one? Should you get a puppy or an adult dog? What breed should you go with?

Dog-2016-11-bIf you buy a pair of shoes that doesn’t fit well or most of the things that you buy on a regular basis, such as electronics, clothing and things for your home, you can simply return them and get a refund. If you subscribe to a magazine that you lose interest in, you can cancel your subscription.

This is not how things work when you are getting a dog. If everyone getting a dog was making responsible and intelligent decisions, there wouldn’t be so many dog rescues and dog shelters out there.

When you take a puppy into your hands and look in its eyes, putting it down and walking away is almost impossible. This is why you want to make big decisions about how, when and where to get a dog before you actually start looking at the animals.

Today there are more than 400 breeds of dogs. Getting a puppy may sound like a simple task, but choosing a dog that will be right for you involves some careful thought.

After you get a dog, it will need physical care. It will require shelter, water, food, companionship, training and medical attention. Your dog will not be able to provide for itself and you will be in charge of caring for it.

Returning a puppy is a very painful experience for all involved parties, not to mention that quick decisions about your pet can lead to a lifetime full of regrets. This is why you need to carefully think about your lifestyle, your budget and the place in your home and your life for your future dog.