Choosing a Purebred Dog

If you have decided that you want a purebred dog, attending a dog show is a great idea. You will be able to observe a number of breeds, see how they behave and what personalities they have. You will also get an opportunity to talk to breeders, dog owners, and fellow dog enthusiasts. Also, dog shows have catalogs with all kinds of information about the show, the breeds and the participants that you may find useful.
beagle-puppy-2681_960_720Most exhibitors love talking about their dogs, so feel free to talk to them when they are relaxing after they are done with showing. At the same time, just like with any other competition, it is a good idea to avoid talking to show participants before they walk into the ring.

People that bring their dogs to the shows are most often breeders who are in love with their breed and have a lot of information about it. However, most of the puppies that breeders sell become regular companion pets, not show dogs. This happens because there is more interest in the market in pets that in show dogs. Also, every litter has at least a few puppies that will do better as pets than as show stars.

If you want to see a lot of dogs of one specific breed, attend a specialty show. Dogs of different breeds with participate in an all-breed show.

Many of the breeders belong to dog clubs. Just like dog shows, dog clubs can be limited to a particular breed or be all-breed organizations.

Regardless of a club, its members are very likely to refer you to other clubs if you are interested in a different breed.

Some clubs have their own websites and are listed in phone books. Others may not even have an official phone, which is why talking to a veterinarian or other dog lovers in your area is a good idea.